Mar 22, 2013

Yankees Go Home!

I remember watching the news on t.v. back in the early sixties when the US went to my country of origin, in the Caribbeans, to fight against the people. I was very young at the time and had recently arrived here in the USA. The citizen's disapproval of the USA was clear. They rose against their government because they could no longer stand the oppression, hunger and complete dissatisfaction of what was going on. The brave citizens took up arms against the government and fought against the Yankees that came in to aid the government. The people angrily cried, "Yankees Go Home!".

Many civilian casualties later, it was over. I remember how after that, the whole population seem to be coming to the USA. They came from everywhere in that country. I would not have been here if I had not known how to read and right, because the government at the time would not let any citizens  come to the USA and embarrass it. The country had always wanted us to come here and be already educated,  be citizens and make our country proud. Yet after the war, it didn't matter any more. High class, low class, rich, poor, they all came.

They came looking for a better life, and most of them found it real quick. Welfare!
Many of them are ripping or have ripped off the system by collecting money not out of necessity, but to scam the American government. Sometimes I ask myself, as I think back to the sixties, were they trying to get even for the Yankees' invasion of their country?

Note: Not all those who came are the same. If the shoe fits, wear it!